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Poker Blinds

Poker Blinds in Texas Hold’em actually are forced antes. Two blinds, small blind and a big blind are found in Hold’em. The big blind is normally fixed as the amount of the pre-flop bet while the small blind is by and large half of the big blind. For instance, in a $10-20 limit poker game, the big blind is $10 and the small blind is $5. In poker games where the blinds would necessitate change to post the small blind typically. For instance, the blinds in a $15-30 poker game would be a $15 big blind and a $10 small blind. (2/3 of the big blind because otherwise you might have to post $7.50).

Strategy of poker blinds is an area that should be addressed in more detail than it currently is in the Texas hold’em poker world. More discussions about win rate per hour and other elements of the game quite frequently leave out an in-depth discussion of the blinds. This topic should be taken seriously if you are to be a winning poker player.

Every round a player is forced to pay the big blind and the small blind. In online poker there are 60-70 hands dealt per hour which comes to about 6-7 times an hour where you post both the small and big blind. If you are playing in a $10-20 game, that means each hour you have to post $90 [$60 in big blinds and $30 in small blinds] to $105 in blinds [$70 in big blinds & $35 in small blinds] depending on how many hands you are seeing in each hour. It is $90 to $105 dollars an hour! Quite a lot of money!

To calculate how much money you put in the pot for blinds each hour in your particular game, many players apply this simple poker blind formula:-

[Rounds per hour x big blind post amount] + [Rounds per hour x small blind post amount] = Total dollars put in the pot from blinds. .
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